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February 4th, 2007, 02:34
Lucky Day you have a good point about the monster question.

It's possible that the "art style" question is based on the fans overwhelming disappointment about the constantly respawning dungeons which also constantly use the same textures.

I believe Mark Nelson's "Absolutely" is bethseda's acknowledgement of the fans disappointment and I think you will notice this also when he refered to each NPC "having distint dialogues including "their individual" personality disorder present during dialogue which leads to the "Most" telling line of all.
"We used different voice actors for each NPC, becasue they "Weren't" repeating the same dialogue line", this isn't exact quote but I didn't want to read the interview again.

Anyway this means also they are acknowledging the horrendously inaine decision to have 100s of NPCs in oblvion all being voiced by a handfull of people becasue they all "The Same Frigging Dialogue is Constatly Repeated NPCs like the Dungeons Respawn", .Bah bethseda teh sux0rs!
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