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February 4th, 2007, 02:48
Well, they are currently collecting questions for a community Q&A at the ESF forums and official word is…
So now's your chance to ask Todd Howard and the team anything/everything you've wanted to ask about Oblivion, Shivering Isles, or anything else related to The Elder Scrolls for that matter.

So go ahead and submit your questions. Alexander has offered to help with organizing all the submitted questions into a manageable pile. We'll handle as many as we're able. Alexander asked for 25 and I think we can do at least that many. No topic off limits, so ask away.
Doesn't seem like they are afraid of critical questions.
And as far as the Firingsquad Q&A is concerned, I'd say you're a little paranoid, Lucky Day .

The questions are pretty much standard stuff for an interview. The Firingsquad editor probably did some research on Shivering Isles and then asked questions where he already knew the answer. But since you're supposed to put yourselves in the shoes of the uninformed masses as an interviewer, it might seem like he was asking the "right" questions.

For example, he probably knew that the Shivering Isles is going to introduce a whole new art style to Oblivion. That's why he asked that question because he knew that Mark Nelson would be able to provide an elaborate answer to that.
Of course, you could ask more specific stuff or critical stuff but usually you don't want your interview to end up with a bunch of 'no comments', 'can't reveal any details about that yet', 'has yet to be decided'. How boring would that be? Right. Very. That's why you ask questions where you know that the interviewer will be able to answer them (hopefully with some elaboration and no copying and pasting from previous interviews).
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