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February 4th, 2007, 06:30
While a lot of that is marketing-speak, it's not necessarily bad. Sometimes that marketing speak really means, "After seeing what people liked in Oblivion, we know what to talk up in terms of things that we already in fact had, but weren't seeing as things to brag about." Sometimes that marketing-speak means "Our investors saw that these games were doing well, and we have to convince them that we're doing something a lot like that, so bear with us, folks, as we talk up things that were in there in a slightly different way." Sometimes that marketing-speak means, "Forces far beyond our control demanded that we put this stuff in, so here's what I hope we'll be able to do in the next six weeks."

It's worth listening to because it IS how they're likely trying to sell their game, and knowing how they want to sell the game is almost as valuable (and certainly easier to get data on) as knowing what they actually intended the game to be. (In a perfect world, these two things would always be equal. Alas, we live in this one.)
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