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October 20th, 2006, 21:40
Tristania - World of Glass

Originally Posted by JonNik View Post
Now calling "Mandylion" A total waste of money is a bit Heavy. I personally like
The Gathering a lot generally speaking . Perhaps you consider the Album's
compositions a bit on the "overstuffed" side (they do tend to drag on a bit) ?
Sort of like most stuff from Dream Theater
My problem with Mandylion is first and foremost the vocals, she's so utterly unremarkable in my opinion. I'm more into Vibeke Stene, or Floor Janssen-type singers with some style, I just dont get any emotion or subtle flourishes from The Gathering's female vocals. To me she sounds like she's singing a soap commercial or something, it just strikes zero chords with me. She bores me to death.

I'll admit the first couple tracks on Mandylion arent that bad, but they arent that good either. There's some nice doomy gloomy hooks here and there in the cd as well, but in the end it just isnt anything that i find myself thinking about later, or wake up in the morning and just have to hear on the way to work. Overstuffed and drawn out are not a problem in my opinion, I actually love twenty minute long songs, the problem with their material is that it just seems so uninteresting to me personally.
I can get into a long song if it holds my interest, which The Gathering for some reason simply do not.
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