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February 4th, 2007, 13:39
A friend sent me this link, I think it's worth sharing here. I started watching a few of them and they seem to work, and have the full time listed on the player.


From what I can see, these films have i think went "Public Domain". This site puts them up for you to watch. Some of them are obvious, being quite old, and some of them are newer, so Im not quite sure how the PD thing works out. There's quite a few good flicks here, right off the bat I noticed:

Reefer Madness
Carnival of Souls
The Mansion of Madness (which pisses me off because I just bought it for like 15 bucks)

Blood - The Last Vampire
Mobile suit Gundam
GI Joe pilot
Beowulf (which is pretty awesome, watching it now)

the "Automan" pilot from 1983!

and who can deny the awesomeness of "Rad", the movie that singlehandedly sparked the BMX craze of the 80's?

Interviews with David Lynch, Bill Hicks, Dario Argento

There's some good stuff on here. Like with anything on the net tho, proceed w/ caution!
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