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February 5th, 2007, 01:11
Originally Posted by Asbjoern View Post
I sense a lot of negativity towards Two Worlds in the comments of this site, which I don't understand at all. This game could truely be a great game but also the opposite. But I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt and the last couple of weeks has revealed a lot about this game.
The interview was more positive than negative I would say. The interviewed from Topware said that they had stored a lot of information about the game to be revealed now, which gave comfort, because all the recent information was somehow too good to be true.
The MMO feature is very interesting and could boost the game's sales figures quite a lot. The trouble is, that not that many know of this game, but Reality Pump was aware, that they hadn't done that much PR, so again it revealed a lot.

They do have Moveshots(TM), and The Witcher website has a lot of focus on their art design, so that isn't an argument. Two Worlds probably have the same just not shown to the public. And it isn't the art design which creates a good game. But The Witcher seems great too. But I don't think the two games can be compared, because they are different in many aspects.

Regards Asbjørn
Belive me I would be very happy for this game to become a classic in RPG genre ( I live in Krakow, where the game is created). I try to follow every notice on the web of this game (call this regional patriotism). Their Moveshots does not show much of the game. Why dont they release some trailer? It shouldnt be a problem, should it? They claim that SP is ready, that they are ahead of time, so why dont they show us something from their creation? And yes art design is very important to overall class of the game. How would you feel to see bad qualisty design in games like Fallout? Have you seen a screen with a demon on it? Does it look like a horrifying beast? Truth to be told almost none of the NPC visuals dont spark in my a 'WoW' feeling.

I can only hope that the gameplay will surpass my expectations. And seeing how much attention they pay to the non-hardcore RPG players my doubts rise. You know i havent heard of releasing a Counstruction Set like in Oblivion (which without mods would be much less entertaining). Or maybe it will be anounced in April and release date will be postponed for Q4 of 2007? Who knows…




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