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February 5th, 2007, 05:35
"Cinema Paradiso"

Terrific film! This is one of those that I had no desire to see, at all. It was playing in the background as I was doing my homework. Time passed, and my homework became less and less important, until I finally just tossed it aside and watched the movie. I wasnt getting anything done!

It's about a boy growing up in WWII Italy. His father is killed in action, and his new father figure becomes the owner of a local movie house. This film is in a way about this small Italian town, and the movie house where the boy works being their central entertainment venue. It's the one thing that binds them all together. The films that are shown onscreen in the theatre thru the boys life, lock the film at different places in time. For some, it can be a sort of nostalgia piece, as the theatre goes the way of the buggy as technology advances. The theatre, town, and everything changes with the passage of time, as seen thru the eyes of this boy as he grows older, moves away, then comes home again for the funeral of the old man. My blurb doesnt do it justice, that's for sure!

I got homework to do

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