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February 5th, 2007, 09:04
"I sense a lot of negativity towards………………I don't understand at all."
I don't know, we all seem to be cautously watching and not sure negitivity is right as we all seem to be saying we hope they can and wish them luck.

You do realise this has never been done before, not to mention have yoiu played an RPG recently that hasn't been rushed and/or very buggy?

Then consider they are trying to have seemingly every known feature in this game, afai can tell they haven't ever made an RPG only stratigy with RPG elements, though honestly since I don't play stratigy I can't say what these RPG elements were.

Lastly, I was thinking I was pretty savy about PR and for the most part I am, but credit where credit is due, bethesda was able to trick me. and here they are comparing it to oblivion.

If I had to focus on one specfic area where I let my guard down, it would be the Radiant AI ploy.
They really had me believing it could be better than Gothic's but it turns out they were basicly admiting their lacking quality in this area and trying to achieve the same atmosphere, which is a great testiment to PB.

Plus they have done the same with the constantly repeitive textures and dialogues in this new addon/expansion this time I will wait to see if it's a trick and just like they PR Radiant AI before the release.

I don't believe I was the only one tricked and I will be much more cautous in the future with these guys and anyone claiming the second coming in RPGs.
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