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February 5th, 2007, 21:41
Originally Posted by Acleacius View Post
Your position afai can tell, assumes they have (still?) or intend to hire static dialogue scripters for a franchise, not of their own creation and sell it as an RPG which is exactly how they tried to market oblivion, remember Radiant AI?

"Because fallout is not part of the TES series."
That doesn't answer the question, we all know fallout isn't part or tes (yet? ) which is why I asked what makes them care about fallout to enough to give it a real dialogue as in a RPG over their own series because as I mentioned tes was marketed as an RPG, remember Radiant AI?
Check these bethesda comments I happened to found:

"Outside of the obvious flavor and setting, the number one thing is stronger characters. Fallout really set the standard for me on believable people, good dialogue, and character choice and consequence. With Elder Scrolls, we do aim for something enormous, and we simply can't focus on say - 20 to 40 really deep strong characters and just do them. With Oblivion, we're doing a much better job than we've done before, but the scale of game is so different that without sacrificing some of what makes The Elder Scrolls what it is, I don't think we'd be able to have the same level of characterization in NPCs Fallout did. So with Fallout 3, that's something we want to do well, a limited number of super-deep NPCs."

"Anyway, Fallout 3 will be very, very different from Oblivion (or any other TES game). It won't be "Morrowind with guns". It won't even be "Oblivion with guns".
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