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February 5th, 2007, 21:53
Originally Posted by VDweller View Post
"a slightly new story that doesn't change a hair of what went before"
Care to back it up? Show me a few links stating "Fallout 1 was about finding the waterchip and dealing with the mutants, so Fallout 3 MUST be about finding the last light bulb AND dealing with the mutants AGAIN!!!"
From the article:
"And there's too much to be unhappy about when it comes to how Tactics treated the setting. These arguments have also been made for Fallout 2, but a lot of Fallout 2's setting flaws are compensated by good execution of Fallout's central RPG-philosophies."

If Fallout 2 was barely good enough then how can Fallout 3 ever hope to satisfy them?

And as for what *I* want, I'd like to see a game that keeps the setting and themes with a good story and interesting NPCs. The SPECIAL system can be tossed (though it sounds like its not); Lionheart showed that SPECIAL isn't all that SPECIAL. As for using a 3/4 overhead view with turn based combat, well, I used to think I would hate anything BUT that but I've found it doesn't really matter.
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