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February 5th, 2007, 22:27
I don't care if Deathclaws are furry or not. I really did like the Tactics game. I played it last year and because normally I'm not a fan of tactic games I expected much worse. Of course it lacks depth but it never pretended to be a real sequel - so that's ok with me.

My deepest fear IS the Oblivion with guns scenario. And I think that's it for most of the Fallout fans. So I don't understand why Bethsoft doesn't respond to that negative rumours with just a little calming info. But generally Bethesda doesn't respond to their TES fans and their suggestions - so I can understand that they won't do it for other games (especially if there's a lot of criticism).

Although Piranha Bytes didn't mention a lot of Gothic 3 content before the release they talked to the fans (especiall Kai - every company needs such a mr. nice guy). So you can calm down the fanbase and talk to them even without revealing too much. Some companies just don't see the need to do so. And some fans receive this as some kind of "we make our shit the way we want it to be - buy it or not"… So both sides are offended. This status isn't that good for a well-received franchise, is it?

Personally I think that Beth possibly CAN stay true to the Fallout scenario. They already made good games (you know, before Morrowind ; - ).
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