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February 5th, 2007, 23:05
Moriendor ,
not everyone on NMA and DAC is such unfriendly, many people from there would like to hear something from devs. They are currently the biggest sites about Fallout on internet. Also the whole negative reaction is created by Bethesda itself. If there is nothing to worry about, why bethesda won't tell that it's not Oblivion with guns, that it's true too original. Also on every big foras I saw the expectations aren't optimistic so why they should be on community forums?
There are also rumors which I think are from reliable sources.

I also hate the dumb talk about killing\raping etc. it's childish as hell an creates the bad reputation of the whole fandom. But still that's not the problem, the problem is in the lack of communication and possible destroying of the only valuable Post Nuclear crpg franchise, which by many, including myself is considered to be the best cRPG ever.

I also enjoyed Fallout Tactics, not so much as Fallout, but still it was quite fun.
but it shouldn't have "Fallout" in name,
The setting was changed alot, and the atmosphere was different
It wasn't very tactical also,
it was more of "Hack & Sla… oh i mean "Shoot & Kill" than Jagged Alliance in PA setting.
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