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February 6th, 2007, 01:28
Originally Posted by Corwin View Post
Mo, I don't remember you being this confrontational when you were Senior Editor at the Dot!!
That's the beauty of no longer being an editor. I don't have to play the Mr. Nice Guy game anymore .

So basically you hate codex for being cynical & sarcastic, but instead of ignoring that community, you have joy by irriating OTHER fallout fans on another website
Errr… just from my short little trip that I took to collect those links, I could tell from the registered nicknames at NMA that there is some major overlapping between the Codex forums and the NMA forums. Or are you saying it is a pure coincidence that the same nicks have been registered at both sites? Riiiight. Pure coincidence. Must be. And before you do it, Mr. Lawyer, Kharn, Sir, no, I can not prove that it is indeed the same people. I lose.

And where did I say that I "hate" (as I said, the term "hate" is way too strong anyway) the Codex for being "cynical & sarcastic"? I didn't. Because it wouldn't even be true. I dislike a major part of their community for being childish, immature, full of themselves (self-important), or for being outright offensive in a non-funny way etc. - But I certainly don't mind cynicism or sarcasm at all. Quite the contrary. As you can tell from some of my remarks around here, I can be a cynical and sarcastic little bastard myself sometimes .
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