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February 6th, 2007, 03:56
Originally Posted by Pladio View Post
I'm talking about :

By the way, you again chose not to respond to all of what I said.
Sorry, Mr. Important. It won't happen again. Promise.

Actually, I read the whole thread. I however am not ready to look for the comment on 15 other threads you gave. (I have other things to do as well)
Well, if you check the links you will find a lot of the stuff that I was talking about and as far as the anal assault on Pete Hines' wife is concerned, I gave an accurate description of the incident. I couldn't find the post after a quick search but please feel free to PM VDweller or Major_Blackhart. I'm sure they will be happy to confirm that this did indeed happen. Maybe the thread has been deleted by now. I don't know or care. It doesn't really matter.
There is enough of very offensive anti-Bethesda material to be found all around. Why you guys would even argue that is beyond me. On the one hand, you pat yourselves and your buddies on the back for your "creative" little insults against Bethesda and then on the other hand you ask me for proof that there ever was an insult thrown at them? ROFL. Split personality issues much?
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