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February 6th, 2007, 05:50
There is no information on the design of Fallout 3, which is the scary part. A lot of us have conjectured that Bethesda isn't talking to us because they're afraid of the word of mouth that NMA, DAC, and the Codex would generate against the project, hoping that we'd sit idley by in a Malthusian apocalypse of information starvation because there's "no information" to talk about.

We're not about to just do that, and whatever little amount of information has been stated is enough to cause a lot of conjecture. At this point that really is all it is, conjecture, but if we're wrong than God we can only hope so.

"Real information" has as of yet only been revealed in blurbs from Todd or Pete, none of which have been refuted in a manner that makes them appealing to people that don't like the way Beth has treated the franchise.

Otherwise, we have rumours like when Desslock claimed in his OP/Ed piece in PC Gamer that Fallout 3 will be set in the East Coast, and VD's leaks of information such as the rumour about the game being set in a city which have apparently caused an internal crackdown at Bethsoft. Both sources have little reason not to be believed.

Like it or not, life is going to be filled with assholes. In fact, many of them end up being your friends. If the Codex, DAC, and NMA really are full of assholes, it's still Bethesda's job to create dialogue with them. They are, after all, fans of the franchise they've acquired and are making a game for. That's why they're called Public Relations people. Irregardless of how volatile the communities are, it's still their job to put forth the effort, which they haven't. They blacklisted us, after all.

None of that says much for Bethesda's integrity as a company, or what they intend to do with Fallout 3.

Also, as an aside about Tactics, the furry deathclaws was only one of multiple setting issues. Leonard Boyarsky himself said that Fallout 1 was designed through the perspective of a 50's Science Fiction writer. Nothing about Tactics suggested a retrofuture, with modern firearms, vehicles, and overall future-vision. The Brotherhood of Steel in Tactics was also somehow capable of constructing derigibles, even though the Brotherhood of the game was held up in a bunker in the middle of the wastes. Not exactly the base from which to splinter, and have the splinter group be capable of constructing airships.




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