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February 6th, 2007, 06:06
Originally Posted by Bradylama View Post
There is no information on the design of Fallout 3, which is the scary part. A lot of us have conjectured that Bethesda isn't talking to us because they're afraid of the word of mouth that NMA, DAC, and the Codex would generate against the project, hoping that we'd sit idley by in a Malthusian apocalypse of information starvation because there's "no information" to talk about.
There are plenty of good reasons for a developer to try to keep something quiet until they're ready to promote it, and plenty of precedent for Bethsoft trying to follow such a policy, with varying levels of success. Even if there weren't, I kind of doubt "starvation apocalypse" would've been prominent in their thinking. If they're developing Daggerfallout, passing advance word of their design decisions to DaC and NMA would have been the most monumentally boneheaded move they could have pulled. Picture it: every scrap of information on the game showing up on game sites with your spin, linking to your front page, for three years. You haven't imploded from lack of information, but you've done a hell of a lot less harm than you could have.
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