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February 6th, 2007, 10:52
The same site gave Oblivion 5/5 so you can come out of the basement.

I wouldn't call it a semi-major site either, their number of reviews seems to be pretty limited. I enjoyed the video review though, for its humour if for nothing else. The review itself was fair, although its hard for me to understand how would anyone describe Oblivion as having visually jaw-dropping graphics and especially beautiful character models. G3' graphics are way superior if you play the game with everything maxed out.

Regarding combat, I really don't want to start another discussion here, but it seems to me that the problem is more about balancing and tweaking than the core system itself. And if you play at the easier difficulty settings, the game encourages you to disregard most of the special attacks.

Spell effects are also way better in Gothic. At any rate, I'm enjoying G3's combat much more than Oblivion's hit-block-hit-block + rocket launchers. Maybe if sufficient time passes and G3 is properly patched and an expansion is made, most gaming sites will come to recognize what gamers already know.
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