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February 6th, 2007, 14:53
Originally Posted by bjon045 View Post
Is this was the case wouldn't they have still provided information to sites like IGN and gamespy? They haven't provided design information or screenshots to ANYONE, most likely because it is either too far away from release or they quite simply do not have anything to show off yet….
Like Briosa said, they do have something to show. Besides, if they did release any real information to mainstream gaming sites we'd still be reporting on it and generating that word-of-mouth, not to mention all of the people on those sites who don't post at DAC, NMA, or the Codex but still would hate the idea of "Oblivion with guns."

abbaon: It's not like we were expecting them to show us all of the design docs from the get-go (although after Van Buren design docs were released its cancellation was even more depressing), we'd at least expect them to come to the communities to ask us questions about the game, since by definition we're the de facto authorities on the subject presuming they haven't contacted Boyarsky or any of the other design leads (which they also haven't done). That they haven't proves well enough that they don't care what we think, and don't want our input on the project. A "Malthusian apocalypse" is very apt in this case, because it keeps us silent until it's too late for there to be a general buzz.




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