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February 6th, 2007, 22:53
Originally Posted by Jaz View Post
Actually, I like to happen both Cool Jazz and Elevator Music , but Sade's old stuff still is not appealing to me.
I find it hard to find a difference between cool jazz (I assume you mean Smooth Jazz like Kenny G as opposed to Cool Jazz like Bill Evans), Sade and elevator music

Originally Posted by Jaz View Post
I find it tremendously difficult to be objective when it comes to art. If I feel like saying 'his brushstrokes speak of incredible artistic skill, but the style is not my cup of tea', then I personally would not define the work of art as great.
Then what matters - is art really such a base thing that it has no intrinsic cultural value? Is it all based on gut-level pop response?

Let me take that a step further - if that is true, then the entire liberal system of values is a self-serving sham. Why put money into 'artistic enrichment' if real art doesn't matter, just instant-gratification? Why bother with liberal arts education? Self taught will suffice, no need to strive for greatness, just do what seems good enough. As for 'art history' and appreciation? Trash 'em, that is old boring stuff with no relevance - fine if you like them, but of no particular importance.
-- Mike
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