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February 6th, 2007, 23:16
It's different but, sure, it's still set in the same world and the battle between the shapers and rebels is the main focus.

This time you start as a new rebel recruit and there are different classes, although three of the five are analogues to shaper/agent/guardian. You can choose to help the rebels or shapers, be a double-agent or pursue…other options…when the time comes.

I don't recall G1 feeding you linearly from map to map. This is map-driven and has some occasional key choke-points but otherwise is very non-linear - there is almost always an alternative path to reach every goal, although some maps will be inaccessible to certain character types depending on whether they have the combat or mechanics or leadership skills to get through.

The resolution bump (1024x768) makes the game look crisper, the animations are improved, there are some (better) minor particle and lighting effects, the interface is his most polished, more spells and creations, some minor weather effects, different traps/mines and sneaking is remarkably effective for such a low-tech game.

The feel is different, even though the basic gameplay is very similar. You aren't (at first, anyway) a member of the powerful shapers -- you're a hunted rebel in a failing rebellion that the shapers are rapidly crushing…few places are safe and the shapers are ruthlesslessly closing in and wiping you out. Playing a sneaky character trapped in a deadly world feels pretty different to me.

Sure, you can still simply write it off as more of the same. You know there is a large demo - why not try it?
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