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February 6th, 2007, 23:21
Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post
Yeah, but the ones in Gothic world are more interesting for some reason. I think:
- they are quirky in mannerism and speech.
- they speak in fragments that seem like you're catching parts of a conversation. In Oblivion it feels like they try for the speech to actually make sense - which actually makes it feel more like nonsense to me.
Oh yeah, the mannerisms. People in Gothic3 don't move like real people. When they talk they move their arms in bizzaro ways that appear to be anatomically impossible. And that's not including when they wave their arm through the wall or the head of the guy standing next to them (or you).

And as for the speech snippets, well, I think they be better if they just left them out. If you are standing there doing something and you hear two people "talking" it reminds me of the alkies I used to see while waiting for the bus downtown. Kinda creepy. In Obilivion the little speech snippets you overhear really do make sense but get repetitive after a bit.

(PS, I *like* Gothic 3, but it's even more quirky than Oblivion as befits the quirkyness of its ancestors I guess)
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