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February 7th, 2007, 01:11
Right now I'm deep into Gothic 3. Lovin' it, even with some buggy stuff now and then, I just shamelessly exploit some of it The game itself runs quite smoothly on my system on max detail, only some stutter in crowded areas. I like searching for NPC's and locations for a change, no handholding here. Been also doing some retro stuff with System Shock 2 but ran into one of my quirks: I sometimes play just to the end of the game without really finishing it. Atmosphere was great though, even with the dated graphics. Had a blast with Lego Star Wars II, I got hooked seriously on that for some time (finished it on 100%). I also started a character in NWN2, but then my girlfriend pointed out that it actually was her birthday present (from me!) and that she could claim first play…..she was right offcourse so I put my character on the shelf for the time being. I was impressed though with what I saw, even with the first chapter not being up to Black Isle/Obsidian par. After Gothic 3 it's NWN2 or the Oblivion bug has to bite me again.
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