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February 7th, 2007, 00:33
I agree - everyone has different standards and requirements - and Jeff always provides a generous demo.

Perhaps I misunderstand crpgnut - or perhaps we just think very differently - but time is my most important resource by far. I'm an average middle income guy who has to be a little careful to pay all the bills but the $29 is still chump change compared to the limited time I have. I can't really get my head around liking the game enough to spend the hours on the large demo but then balking at the $29.

Beyond that, you just can't find this broad style anywhere else. Perhaps NWN2 has some of the dialogue depth and Gothic 3 has some of the factional play but nothing is made these days that brings it together. Since I like that type of CRPG, a little repetition over a few years' span is well worth it for the new story and situations.
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