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February 7th, 2007, 02:29
Hmm. The first thing I did when I got out of prison was to steal a horse and head north. I didn't see any 'real mountains' like tall, unreachable ones. I talked to a few NPCs and their idiotic responses got me worried. But I kept on.

I stopped playing the game when I discovered that the second Oblivion gate was identical to the first and somehow the monsters were of the same exact difficulty, despite the fact that I have leveled up a couple of times. I recently reinstalled to try out some mods, but the game again failed to catch my interest.

My main problem with Oblivion is not about its graphics, its scaling or its NPCs however, its about how linear it feels and how the various quests are unrelated. If by roleplaying we also imply 'choices and consequences' I find it hard how one could term this game as an RPG. And as an action game, well, there are simply better action games.



How can one keep on playing a game that doesn't like? And why are the reasons that someone doesn't like a game invalid? And how did you get the idea that I come from the Codex? Unless everyone who criticizes Oblivion is a Codexer, in which case I must hurry registering an account.
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