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February 7th, 2007, 16:00
I have an Xbox1, which I primarily bought to be able to play Jade Empire, Kotor2, Fable and other RPGs which I saw comming out back then for xbox only and that I didn't want to wait for on the PC. I also installed a MOD chip because I was developing for XBox and PC at work and thought I wanted to do some homebrew coding at home as well (of course in reality I could never seem to find the energy after a hard day at work doing almost the same - but I guess that's how "nerds" tend to think

I haven't used it much lately, except when my little brother comes to visit us. He's from the "console" age and is used to playing games with a gamepad. Now, as he gets older, he does seem to look more and more towards my shelf with cool PC games though - so there is still hope for him I guess If a new cool Xbox game comes out I would of course use the console more again.

All in all I'm mostly a PC gamer (has been since the early 80s) but I do think people are horribly narrowminded when they, as a principle, disregards the consoles and makes statements such as "all console gamers are kids, and all games for consoles are stupid, simple and generally not worth playing". In my opinion you have to judge each game - but of course people are free to have whatever opinions they want on the matter
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