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February 7th, 2007, 18:57
Mike wrote, in part:

Let me take that a step further - if that is true, then the entire liberal system of values is a self-serving sham. Why put money into 'artistic enrichment' if real art doesn't matter, just instant-gratification? Why bother with liberal arts education?
Art is pretty undefinable in any of it's forms, I think. And I have to think that putting money into it is as a scholastic discipline is pretty much a wasted effort as far as generating real art if it isn't there to begin with. And not because 'real art' < instant gratification, but rather that it comes from a spiritual well that is enhanced by craft and technique, but far from defined by it.

(And of course, some disillusioned cynics would say that the entire liberal system of values IS a self-serving sham, fueled by a collective guilt so deep it can't be measured.)

Of all the art forms, I think music is the most subjective and contextual. It speaks to the emotions and the senses directly, rather than siphoned through a medium of paper or canvas. It invades the brain through the ears and pervades the physical self in a physical way. If you have a good experience, or an epiphany, while listening to a certain genre or artist, that music becomes yours. If you have no personal connection to a piece, it remains remote and abstract. It can be appreciated both ways, of course, but the intellectual appreciation can never be as deep as the physical one.

I learned a long time ago that the quickest way to offend someone was not through dismissing his politics or religion, but through ridiculing his music. That doesn't mean I have to think " All music is in the eye of the beholder," just that I have to respect that the seminal truth of music is that it is a speech of the soul and psyche.
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