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February 7th, 2007, 21:53
Originally Posted by Lethal Weapon View Post
Hmm. The first thing I did when I got out of prison was to steal a horse and head north. I didn't see any 'real mountains' like tall, unreachable ones.
Then you didn't go far enough. Head to Bruma and further N from there. You will find very tall mountains with snow-covered tops and everything.


And why are the reasons that someone doesn't like a game invalid?
Where did I say that the reasons why you don't like the game are invalid? I didn't. Please stop making up stuff.
You just had an extremely bad streak of luck in your post where you listed your reasons why you dislike Oblivion. All of the things you listed (with the exception of NPCs not cooking as in G3) were factually(!) wrong. That's why I said that if you decide to bash Oblivion that you should at least get your facts straight before you mindlessly attack the game for untrue things.
Just to give you another example: What you did is like bashing BMW for making crappy food (while they are in reality a car manufacturer, of course). Your criticism of Oblivion made zero sense because your claims were simply untrue.
Otherwise you can flame and bash Oblivion all day long. I don't care and I will probably even agree on a lot of possible complaints. Different people = different opinions. That's OK. But please make sure that you get your facts straight next time. Thanks!

And how did you get the idea that I come from the Codex? Unless everyone who criticizes Oblivion is a Codexer, in which case I must hurry registering an account.
Please accept my humblest apologies if you aren't a Codex forums member but your post sounded 100% like the typical, mindless, uninformed copy & paste Oblivion bash job from over there .
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