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February 7th, 2007, 22:45
If you like BioWare stories, that's a plus. If you like relatively easy action combat, that's a plus. If you like BioWare's humor, that's a plus.

The people who'll be disappointed with the game are hardcore console combat people (who'll find the combat way too easy, even in the PC version, I think) and people who like a ton of numbers and stats in their character build. Jade doesn't have enough inventory customization to provide a really deep experience there. It didn't bother me when I played (there's some level-up customization and some very minor inventory stuff that will affect things, and really, I was playing for the story), but if you can be really happy playing for two hours and having those two hours be "sell my loot, crunch some numbers, equip new stuff, try it out, crunch some more numbers," you might be disappointed.

The game also doesn't have much open exploration. I think that the new PC graphics look fantastic, but it doesn't have Oblivion's wide-open world. If you've played NWN2 and noticed how NWN2 has you running through wilderness areas that are actually wilderness tunnels, figure on having the same experience for Jade PC. (It doesn't bother me in NWN2, but it did bother a lot of other people.)

I had to play the game for work (designers who don't work on a given project have to play the project ASAP after shipping, so that we're all on the same page in terms of "Let's have a fight like _____" or "Let's not make the mistake we made with _____"), so I was gonna play it anyway. But I did enjoy the story a great deal, and the combat was about at the right speed for me (I've played combat games, but I'm not very good at them, so for me, that was about the right difficulty level).

Take all that for what it's worth. I did enjoy the game a lot personally, but I also work there, so I know that me saying "It's a lot of fun, buy it!" is gonna sound pretty biased. Don't go in expecting Oblivion in terms of hours of gameplay. Go in expecting a long adventure game, not a long roleplaying game, in terms of hours of play.
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