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February 8th, 2007, 01:58
Originally Posted by abbaon View Post
I'm not going to trade rhetoric with you. If you want to discuss the difference in influence between your word of mouth campaign and a Bethsoft media blitz, fine, but a debater's flourish that reduces the media coverage they receive to "that dude with the two dollar haircut" is just a waste of time.
Dead on! The so-called "marketing machine" is nothing but the ability of one guy to stimulate and influence the media coverage. In that sense, there is no marketing machine, just one guy pulling their strings.

But, negative remarks on the gaming media nonwithstanding, they're not just a bunch of yokels wandering around in the developers' pocket. The media has to factor in several matters, the developer and their pr bureau is just one of them, word-of-mouth and popular response is another. Mainstream articles write to please and in that way they simply propagate and heighten popular opinion. If a game starts hyped, it just grows more hyped. If a game starts with negative word-of-mouth, this also just grows. It's about a tenuous balance that can be tipped either way, both before the release of the game and after it.
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