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February 8th, 2007, 03:02
Originally Posted by abbaon View Post
You're doing it again. "Here is one thing; here is another." The implication is that they're equal in weight, when that's exactly the point under contention. The question is whether you can generate more negative word-of-mouth than will be nullified by the usual gushing previews and pretty screenshots, not whether negative word-of-mouth, in general, is bad for a game. We know that.
Sure, but how do you propose to debate the point other than in a "yes-no-you're a poopie head"-manner. Unlike several other points, this is about the vaguest you can get. My impression from past games and interaction with both the gaming media and development is that it is simply a matter of both initiative and intertia and that there is no reason to assume that one guy, no matter how clever or good at his job, has won this battle beforehand. Your impression is that this is not the case.

Ok, what do you want to do about it? Say yes and no a lot? We can do that.

PS: also, the first question is "will the Fallout fans be pushed into generating negative word of mouth" not what will happen if that situation arises. That is yet up to Bethesda.
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