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February 8th, 2007, 03:56
We had a Balley Arcade that we had for "testing" for 6 months from my brother's job. Then the parents bought us an Atari Video Computer System. That's an Atari 2600 to you and me. We regretted hinting at wanting that over the Intellivision. That one was much better.

After that, the console industry was destroyed by the burgeoning home computer industry. Gramma bought us a TI 99/4a after that.

The NES was silly. The only thing that looked good on it to me was Super Mario (pronounced Mare-ee-o in Canada, not Marr-ee-o as he is in the US).

My brother later bought a Sega Saturn but he had moved out by that time.

For some reason I never picked any of these up at the thrift store when I saw them.

I've not voted because I still consider PS1 and N64 as "new".

We should do another poll on what computers you've owned over the years or if you own anything other than a PC.
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