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February 8th, 2007, 03:58
Originally Posted by Burress View Post
Let's face it, the original fallout crowd is not a 1/10 of the size of those who purchased Oblivion. If Bethesda makes a good game like Oblivion, it will sell millions end of story.
A good game like Oblivion? Don't you mean an overly hyped game. Beth's marketing strategy for this game was beautiful and sad. Almost every reviewer loved this game and bashed Gothic 3. It was really funny to see these reviewers bashing Gothic for some of the things they praised Oblivion for. "Give me more creatures that lvl up with me. OH please take away all the fun of exploring an area. Please make it so I can be champion at the arena at LVL 1, YESSS."

Anyways that's just my opinion, but concerning Beth's Fallout I will buy it if it doesn't dumb down the content. I really don't care if it third person or not, just don't make the game as BORING as Oblivion PLEASE!
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