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February 8th, 2007, 04:19
Originally Posted by Kharn View Post
My impression from past games and interaction with both the gaming media and development is that it is simply a matter of both initiative and intertia and that there is no reason to assume that one guy, no matter how clever or good at his job, has won this battle beforehand. Your impression is that this is not the case.
No, my impression is not that the battle is already won. My impression is that it's not an even fight, and it's not even close. Bethsoft has proven its ability to develop and market a game. The team they have now delivers megahits. If your opinion of your influence rests on the assertion that public perception of Bethsoft hangs in the balance, ready for that fatal nudge, then you want to support that. If Oblivion's failure to live up to its promises has fractured the fanbase, then show how large a fraction of customers felt cheated by Oblivion. If Legacy has cast a pall on its publisher, then show that a statistically significant number of gamers would even know what the hell you're talking about. Otherwise there's no reason to regard Bethsoft as anything but the overwhelming favourite in the battle for mindshare.
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