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February 8th, 2007, 03:29
Originally Posted by Lucky Day View Post
Jackie Chan literally invented this style for the first big, big movie he made in 1979. It didn't exist before him. He redid the film in the 90's and its mediocre but it revived some interest. Don't quote me but I think Ultima Online 2 was going to add it.
I should try to find all those old kung fu movies, my memory is a bit clouded. Was that the one where Chan, playing a policeman of sort, tracks down a group of malefactors, each with his own special brand of martial art -- one guy who climbed walls and poisoned his adversaries, another who was invulnerable (but had a weak spot), etc., or is it the one where he's up against one guy who only fights with his arms and is named Golden Arms, and another guy who only fights with his legs, and is named Silver Legs ? Or maybe it's another movie ?
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