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February 8th, 2007, 03:53
Originally Posted by Acleacius View Post
Did you mean only hardcore console types would find it too easy?
I'd like to officially hedge my bets on this one. I know that they removed the Jump-A exploit -- or at least, added some complications that are going to make that not always the way to automatically win every fight.

In the Xbox version, the "exploit" is that even though the game was more or less made with "block, attack, or power attack" in mind, the coolness of the jump meant that you could effectively bring "nuke" to the "rock, paper, scissors" game. You could jump over anybody's attack, come down behind them, and then whack them at your leisure. And if the bad guys had you surrounded, jumping all over the place pretty much got you out of trouble.

With that exploit removed, it now requires you to actually think a bit as you play. I don't think that the removal of that exploit means that it's gonna be HARD now -- it was never meant to be really really hard combat, except for a few fights -- but it does mean that it hopefully won't be at the un-fun level of easy some people complained about. (I was a little bothered by it, but not much -- after all, if you don't like the exploit, you don't have to use it.)

I still suspect that anybody who plays and enjoys console combat games (like Dead or Alive or Soul Calibur) is going to find Jade Empire fairly simple as combat goes.

And I'll let you know more once I get to play it myself.
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