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February 8th, 2007, 06:01

"Was that the one where Chan, playing a policeman of sort, tracks down a group of malefactors, each with his own special brand of martial art"
Humm, only guessing here as I am drawing a blank, atm.
It's really hard to remember he has made almost 90 films and is currently about 45 years old,

Some of Jackie's best playing a Policeman which you might recognise Project A, Project A2, Police Story 1, Police Story 2, Super Cop and more Secret Agent would be Armor of God, plus Armor of God 2 and one of the best directed action movies ever Mr Canton and Lady Rose he played an accidental Mob boss.

Do yourself a favor and Never Ever watch Fire Island as Jackie did it because he owed the director a favor and is utter trash as he plays 1 of 4 violent escaped prisoners being hunted by police.

If your used to watching indie and foregin films with subtitles you really can't go wrong with many of his films of the 80's and 90's since he was directing most of them.
Going back to the 70s you need to be more hardcore old style Ku Fung movies where he was still being forced to work as a slave in the school he we enrolled in, mostly they were trying to pass him off as another Bruce Lee.

Ok, thanks PatrickWeekes.
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