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February 8th, 2007, 21:05
easy on my homegirl there, Mag!
Mavis is caring, but firm ='.'=

I'm getting better, but I aint 40 WPM yet, which is what she's pushing me to get before I advance to the next level.

Besides that, I havent been playing any video games lately, playing PnP instead. Studying D&D books (just got Player's Handbook II and Complete Divine) and making up chars, and doing "dry runs" vs creatures and each other and such, making up dungeons, geeking out on cool pc utilities, etc. Spent most of yesterday night messing with Hero Workshop. By no means a necessary thing, but I just love this kinda stuff. Helps me check new chars I make of advanced level. Been playing mostly on the weekends, have a game with a new group this weekend. I'm totally into the "divine" classes, Paladin, Cleric, etc.

Totally tearing into my pc gaming time, but it's worth it, I'm having lots of fun, totally rediscovered the joys of this game. The books can actually be gotten unbelievably cheap on Amazon. Got Complete Divine for like 15 bucks, and a couple weeks ago got Unearthed Arcana for 9.99! Perfect condition. No joke!
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