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October 21st, 2006, 05:34
Another day in Cyrodiil, another quest in “The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion” where my ongoing mission to save the world had now led me to the sewers of Imperial city with my new friend Baurus.

Well, I say “friend” but he’s more of an acquaintance really. A contact I was sent to meet by “The Blades” a semi secret sect sworn to protect the Emperor…. Erm….who was recently murdered, so nice job by the Blades there then.

Praps a little back story is in order….

The Emperor was murdered in front of your Badger, but before he croaked, his worship whispered in my ear that he had a secret heir. Well I thought the old boy was hallucinating because I could see that he actually had plenty of hair! Receding possibly, (Which was I suppose quite apt given that he is voiced by Patrick Stuart, who is of course the captain who Baldly went where no man has gone before.) but still plenty of it.

“No you fool!” Gasped the Emperor. “An Heir apparent, someone to take the reigns after I’m gone!”

It turned out that his heir is a monk called Martin and I have to track him down and bring him to The Blades, who with their proven track record of protecting all things emporial, will keep him safe until he steps up to the big seat.

Trouble is that there’s this whopping big piece of jewellery see? An Amulet, and he needs it in order to light some fires which are part of his ascension ceremony. If he doesn’t light the fires then three things happen in quick succession;
1/ He doesn’t get to be Emperor.
2/ The Hordes of Oblivion take over the world.
3/ We all have a really bad day!

Well I gave the Amulet to The Blades for safe keeping while I went off to bring back Brother Martin, but when we got back they’d only gone and lost it!!!

So let me get this straight! These are the same Blades who let the Emperor get murdered by a secret sect right? And now they’ve lost the bling bling needed to keep the hordes of hell at bay? I’m thinking that somebody at Blade HQ needs to re-read the job description.

Anyway it turns out that the old Emperor was assassinated by a group of religious fanatics called “The Brotherhood of the Mystic Dawn.” And they’ve now also stolen the amulet! As a reward for bringing back Brother Martin safely, I am recruited as a Blade and sent off to locate the Mystic Dawn and recover it.

Why have they called themselves “The Brotherhood of the Mystic Dawn” anyway? I mean, what a mouthful!! Plus if they want to abbreviate to snappy initials it’ll end up looking something like “TBotMD” which frankly looks a bit rubbish!

Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that their nefarious machinations are surrounded in a mysterious cloak of intrigue, best represented by the shadowy half light suffusing the world at Dawn yes?
Well I think you’re wrong about that! I think that they are led by woman called Mystic Dawn! Only time will give us that answer my friends.

Well to cut a long story short, it turns out that in order to get to this cult, I have to find “The Four Books of the Mythic Dawn Commentaries” which between them contain a secret message which will give me the location of Cult HQ.

I managed to beg steal or borrow the first three, (although one of them is a library book which is already overdue so God alone knows what the fine will end up being by the time I get it back!) but the forth can only be obtained via a meeting with a clandestine figure known only as “The Sponsor”, said meeting to take place in a little known spot in the sewers.

Now I hate to belabour a point here, but I have to groan once again and say what on earth is wrong with these cult guys, that they can’t simply hold the meeting in the local “Travel Inn”?? It’s a moot question though I guess, as a Sewer they have said, so a sewer it must be.

So that about brings you up to date and to the point where Baurus and I are wading through a sewer under the city.

I’m not generally a big fan of sewers, or labyrinths or mazes, but it has to be said that the sewers under the Imperial City are actually rather nice. The semi regular holes in the ceiling allow shafts of light to pierce the gloom, illuminating well appointed brickwork, quaint little bridges and sweeping Victorian style archways… yes, all in all this place is quite a bit nicer than the first flat which Mrs Badger and I lived in
Many years ago.

Some of the neighbours are a bit on the violent side of course, mostly Rats and Goblins, but this again brings back memories of the old homestead.

Bravely I allowed Baurus to take the lead and he deftly hacked and slashed his way through the local Rodentry and Goblins, while I followed behind stocking up on any gold or lock picks they happened to be carrying.

Eventually we came to a heavily barred doorway next to a set of stairs. “This is it!” pronounced Baurus dramatically. “Through that door is the meeting place and our instructions are to sit at a table that lies beyond and wait for The Sponsor.” He scratches his chin. “Funny now that I think about it, I always wondered why there was a table in there!”

“No Matter” he continued. “The Sponsor is only expecting to see one person, so only one of us can enter.” He nodded toward the nearby staircase. “This leads to a vantage point where the meeting place can be observed discretely.” He explained. “So which of us goes in?”

“Well obviously that should be you!” I suggested hastily. “Your superior knowledge of the city and sewers makes you an ideal choice.” I continued as Baurus pondered thoughtfully. “Ahhh would that I could face the danger in your place, but I would give myself away in a second.”

“There is truth in what you say.” Baurus agreed. “But I would ask you that if I don’t survive the meeting……”

“You will!”

“Yes but if some evil was to befall me….”

“It won’t! So less talking and more walking ok??”

Quickly shoving Baurus toward the door I mounted the stairs and made my way upward and around a corner to a bridge which crossed above the room and from which the whole event could be watched in secret.

The darkness of the room below is broken by the tiny oasis of light provided by a single lamp situated on a small wooden table, containing a moth eaten book and an old flagon and flanked by a rickety looking chair where Baurus seated himself and proceeded to wait.

Before long a side portcullis creaked slowly upward and a hooded figure stepped slowly into the room. “Good day to you potential initiate, I am The Sponsor.” Moments later a similar portcullis opened on the opposite side of the bridge where I was kneeling and two more brotherhood members dressed in dark malevolent looking armour stepped through with smoking torches and stood menacingly on the bridge.

End of part one.
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