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February 9th, 2007, 03:55
You've got a point there. I was thinking that quick play on a geetar isn't anything special. Matching up to the bass would take some skill, although if both players do their job, it's going to come out properly timed. The drumming was pronounced enough that each player would be playing to a metronome. At those speeds, the notes couldn't help but be close enough to unison that any "miss" would be gone before you even had a chance to notice it. You've got to have players that can keep a rigid meter, which ain't no mean feat at that tempo, but still. They don't have to match each other--just keep time. Not saying you could grab the first emo axeman you stumbled on, but I would think there'd be a fair number (like more than 10) of "classically trained" folks that could keep time. Perhaps some of those Spanish style guys? Now, I'm not sure you'd have too many bass guys that could play that fast, keep rigid time, and not wear out half way thru all those runs. Thems some heavy strings…

edit- OK, there's a section around 5:45 where there's not as much leadership from the drums. Still enough for a pro to keep time, but it wouldn't be as easy.
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