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February 10th, 2007, 00:02
Originally Posted by Acleacius View Post
Ok additionally in case anyone cares Vanguard is a no loading zone game (like Gothic 3), as mentioned before I am not expert but I don't recall of hearing of a no load MMOG before, maybe just me though.
Vanguard certainly does have (invisible) loading zones like any MMO as you go from area to area. Those areas are frequently (depending on the popularity of the area) powered by dedicated hardware even, i.e. you're basically handed off from one server to the next as you traverse zones. That's also the most likely reason why you're losing your pet. It's a very typical problem when you cross a server boundary that your pet will forget to follow you or stop responding to commands etc
Anyway, it's called a "persistent world" for a reason . Most MMOs only have real loading zones when you actually leave the world (to go from one continent to another or when an instanced zone needs to be loaded etc).

Secondly they Unreal series of engines has not to my experience ever breached this technology before and certainly the first mainstream engine I have heard, plus the graphic level of quality and Unreal's ability to have great looking textures with excellent network capability is pretty cool at least from a technological standpoint.
Lineage 2 is based on the Unreal 2 engine and Minions of Mirth is based on a heavily modded Quake (2?) engine. Just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. There may be more.

Only thing was EQ2 seemed to make sure there was solo content, not as much as WoW from reports but still it was a focus.
Yep. It did very quickly become a focus at least when SOE realized a few months after the game went live that they were losing players left, right and center because their game was 100% solo unfriendly in the beginning .

So far I haven't seen a loading screen but it does studder like G3 when a new area loads, though many people said G3 was not bad once you got over 2 gig of RAM and it's quite possible Vanguard is similar.
While more RAM will most certainly never hurt, it is more likely that the stuttering is caused by network latency when you cross the above mentioned server boundaries (the hand-off from one server to the next server… just picture it as if you were an airplane that is going from one flight zone to another flight zone and is handed off from one air traffic controller to the next). Even WoW has that kind of "lag" (while WoW is otherwise a game that is definitely not overly demanding in the tech department and where more RAM doesn't solve that particular lag issue either). It's a server-side issue mostly.
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