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February 10th, 2007, 02:58
Originally Posted by Yates1968 View Post
Ok, great-- so most of the games start up and run. Oh goodie. I'd hope so. Now what the reader wants to know is HOW WELL do they run. This information was not given in the article. It should have included benchmarked frames/second.
Well, from all the articles that I have seen recently, it seems like the general consensus at the moment is that no one can really tell yet whether the performance drop that you are getting with Vista is the fault of Vista or the lack of quality drivers. I guess we'll have to wait and see until AMD/ATI and nVidia get their act together. The current "winner" (under Vista and only if you exclude the 8800 cards obviously) is AMD/ATI while nVidia is catching a lot of flak for its crappy beta drivers (they have promised monthly new Vista drivers from now on in response to the debacle).

For example check here:
Windows XP vs. Windows Vista Performance Part 1: ATI AMD
Windows XP vs. Windows Vista Performance Part 2: NVIDIA

Lots more articles out there. Just hit any random hardware news site or use Google for more XP vs Vista performance comparisons.
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