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February 11th, 2007, 19:41
Originally Posted by aries100 View Post
Dr. Muzyk said that Mass Effect would have main quest of at least 40+ hours, combined with at least 25+ hours of side quests.
The length sounds good, but that still doesn't say the type of "game" Mass Effect is going to be. My guess is it will follow a similar design as Jade, just a bit longer, because this is the style of game that Bioware likes to make these days.

From a financial perspective, there's plenty of good reasons to choose this option over some sprawling, interwoven magnum opus like BG, Fallout, or Gothic. However, these linear games don't stay on one's hard drive as long and simply don't have the replayable "legs" that keep one coming back for more.

And that's the point: they don't care if you come back for more, when a publicly-traded game company's primary goal is to move as many copies of a game in the first few weeks as possible. Longevity only serves to prevent you from purchasing their next linear game (as you are still exploring the complex nooks and crannies of the first one).

I think mods can fill this gap and the occasional indy developer not shackled to the whims/desires of shareholders.

Lord Alex



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