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February 11th, 2007, 20:17
Originally Posted by zakhal View Post
In good games the tedium is covered with good story so you dont take notice of it.
Yes, I agree with this. When the equation is level grind+subpar story=blockbuster, the carrot on the stick is a fictional vegetable that you never actually… eat. Thus, we have people labeling many newer RPGs as "empty" or "lifeless" or "uninspired."

A good combat system IS a product of inspiration, as is good game design and imaginative graphics. Ultimately, however, it is the story that stays with you and gives you that rush of fulfillment during the closing credits.

I remember reading an article by Warren Spector some time ago where he discussed pitching a game idea to a bunch of corporate suits, and they told him (in so many words) that "story" was not on the menu….

If your game doesn't tell an interesting story, then what in the Nine Hells is the point? Is the level-grind itself the point? If so, then why not switch to playing slots instead, where at least there's some potential monetary gain by repeatedly pulling that Pavlovian lever.

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