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February 12th, 2007, 04:03
Right I understnad what your saying about zones handing off and if your sure it's a loading zone then ok.
It didn't seem any different than G3 as I mentioned and it certinaly makes sense it could cause the pet loss.
Ahh if all MMOs are the same I didn't realise it, I could have sworn EQ1 (did a short trial) and EQ2 about 6 months (a year or more ago) had loading zones, thanks for clearing that up.

Ok how about this, the Unreal 3 engine is amazing, what they are doing with per pixel lighting just blows me away.
The mapping is stunning, think about the way water reflects in games then imagine the whole world takes on that same princpal.
When you start to see a sunset with purples, blues and oranges then imagine how those lights efffect the landscape in the RL taking on hues with different types of surfaces whether is white sands, brownish mountians or green fields all are simulated by giving off lighting based on the absorbtion of world lighting.

Unreal has always had the best looking skies and now they are taking that accomplishment and adding to every texture in a game, as far as I can see. :stunning:

Lets hope someone makes an RPG with this engine, please oh pleasae let it happen.
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