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February 12th, 2007, 15:01
Originally Posted by Lucky Day View Post
Although the players seems to to forget that Obsidian holds the rights to IWD. BG3 could be a powerful license but Atari hasn't done anything to exploit it.
Why does Obsidian hold the rights to Icewind Dale? I read this already on Codex, but never found an official announcement. And what does it say?If I'm right you also need a D&D license. And at the moment Atari is the only company that is allowed to make D&D games. But please correct me, if I'm wrong. Would be interesting for me to know the truth.

If NWN2 really "achieved the targets of market acceptance", that's a good news. I can't agree that it "achieved the targets of quality" but I hope, Atari now is willing to improve this with further patches and addons. Would be better for Ataris and Obsidians reputation, imho.
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