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February 13th, 2007, 03:42
Bashing the TES series would be RPG blasphemy! Although I've never played all of them much, I can recognise a stellar RPG series from what little I played The longest TES game i played was Morrowind ,for about 10 hours, before the combat system finally frustrated me enough to quit playing. Nonetheless, it is an excellent game.

I'm sure everyone recognises the fact that the TES series WERE excellent. Which is why the latest in the series disappoints so much.

I was so damn excited over the damn thing pre release- I checked the forums everyday many times. Near the release, I started to get annoyed with some aspects of the game design reveled through developer interviews (quest compass, level scaling) And when the game was finally out and I played it, I was crushed with disappointment.

And oh, how Bethesda exaggerated and outright lied about many things…

Now if only somebody made a Morrowind mod with Oblivion, life would be sweet again…
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