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February 13th, 2007, 08:20
A little more scene setting, dialogue and journal entries on the main quests and major side quests/items and some world setting info in books or dialogue - not heaps, but a little more direction would be helpful.

I have only just met Xardas - been playing since the game was released and I know zip about the main story. I found the fire chalises in my travels and handed them over starting that questline, not realising this would turn the orc settlements hostile once I get in range of the orc leaders.

The game needs some serious balancing too - this would take a lot of time so I'm not surprised it hasn't been done yet. I have specialised in the bow but find I far easier to beat any human or orc using my saber. Arena fighting is too easy. I find the armour and trinkets don't have a big impact on the gameplay, but I could be wrong. I'm walking around wearing the divine artifacts and this doesn't appear to have much impact on game balance.

The loot in chests could also be better balanced with some nice surprises but at least this isn't a game breaker like it is in Oblivion.

I like the general design and so far consider it a very worthy Gothic game. There is a game and expansion worth of content here and they probably would have done better to do it that way rather than add everything to the main game. Haven't experienced many bugs at all except the odd wildlife surprise as they suddenly appear from inside walls
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