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February 15th, 2007, 09:12
You actually managed to give this hot topic (for RPG geeks ) a pretty unbiased treatment, congratulations.
Two aspects are somewhat missing in your discussion, in my opinion. For me at least the party versus solo aspect has a much greater impact. Party games are much better suited to TB, because the presence of several figures with different capabilities and movement in a 2D or 3D placying field is what really enables strategy - the similarities to games like chess are obvious in that case. Combat in Jagged aliance towers above anything in Fallout for that very reason. Fallout combat was interesting enough, because you still have the element of choosing the most appropriate attack for your character and the opponents you face, but compared to party TB combat, that remains a fairly linear equation.

The second missing aspect is perspective. First person (or close 3rd person, like Gothic) perspectve single-player RPG games are usually solo games, so the above applies. But also are inherently unsuited for TB combat IMHO, becasue the view is "through your eyes" instead of "looking at a game" - which leads to an urge for immediate feedback in real time. Games that have combined both (e.g. realsm of Arkania) really do suffer from immersion breaking switches in perspective for me.
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