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February 15th, 2007, 12:56
Ok, here are my two cents on this topic:

If I play a party based game such as BG, NWN, ToEE, etc I prefer paused RT over real TB (arguments follow) over RT. And the reason why I prefer paused RT over TB is simple: I just don't like it to be bored by just another standard encounter which could be over in 5 secs in RT but costs me about 5 mins in TB. This ist the case in BG and NWN and to a certain degree even in ToEE. Later in these games my characters are so strong that they can kill a simple foe in a few seconds. In TB combat this would take considerably longer. And that I don't like at all.
I like TB combat far more in strategy or tactic games like Civilization or Wesnoth, etc.

So, and if I play a single character first-person (third person) RPG like Gothic or Oblivion, I very much prefer RT combat over the other two options. Why? Because I like action. And I just can't imagine a TB Gothic.
If it's not a first person RPG but an isometric one (Diablo, Sacred, you get what I mean) I prefer paused RT over RT over TB. Why? Same reason as above.
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