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February 15th, 2007, 15:16
When I saw the comment about 'adventure games last gasp' I immediately thought of the DS game Hotel Dusk that I just finished - but of course she goes on to mention it as well.

Everybody reads DS (or GBA or PSP) and thinks "oh, a HANDHELD game … that is nice for kiddies, but I want a *real* game". Guess what - these are *real* games. Hotel Dusk is a great adventure game - not a great 'handheld' adventure, but a great game regardless of platform.

Why do I mention that? Because I wish that some of these creative guys (Vogel included) would put some of their stuff out on the DS. *Nobody* would criticize Geneforge graphics on the DS, and the gameplay would translate perfectly. Heck, you'd even get the map on the upper screen!

I hope that the much-discussed long tail effect helps these games, but I also hope that some people expand their horizons and look for other avenues to get their ideas out.
-- Mike
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